On a train

The man at the ticket office of the station, a small sweet man, possibly Indian, asked me twice the name of the station. He could not believe that I would spend that amount of money for a day trip… I assured him that it was what I was about to do and that I was traveling on business, so I didn’t have a choice.

I’m going to a meeting with a customer. About three hour journey one way, and I’ll come back immediately after the meeting. After that weird beginning at the ticket office, my journey didn’t go very well. I got off at the wrong station, thinking now I would have to run to reach the underground on time and get to the connection at London Euston. Unfortunately a very long and compact queue stood in front of me at the entrance to the underground platforms. A close-by station was closed and everyone had been re-directed to the station where I was, so, despite a good service on the underground lines, journey times were a lot longer than usual. I had to queue patiently while time passed and eventually I missed my train.

I like my job, but I agree that this is not ideal, traveling six hours for a meeting. However it’s amazing how it’s easier to talk to people when you’re in the same room than via a conference call. And we do use conference calls whenever possible, but sometime it’s important to meet people face to face. At least I’m not driving, that would be a lot worse for the environment, and it would be less safe for me.  I just hope this meeting will be useful.


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