Songs, birthday parties and play dates

Pallino is singing. He sings all the words of “Twinkle twinkle little star” (or at least the second half of each word), and he’s so cute I can’t believe it… He’s also learned to say Please when he asks for something (usually more food) and Grazie (that is Thank you, I don’t know why he got this one in Italian) when he gets what he asked for. Today he poured his yogurt on the plate and ate it from the plate with his hands (but he did say please when he asked for the yogurt)… he’s experimenting with everything (I’m trying to see the bright side) 😉

Last weekend we went to a birthday party of a one year old. The little one was sleeping for most of the party, while the older children ran around and had a very good time… that’s exactly why I decided not to have a big party last year: Pallino could not participate yet. This year will be different, I have a few months to think about it (and considering that I have a few minutes every week to think in general, it might not be enough time…), but my idea at the moment is to rent a soft play, where the children can enjoy themselves safely while hopefully I can have a piece of cake with the other parents!

The other highlight of last weekend was a play date we had with a child from the nursery and his mum. We went to a nice playground and had a good time playing all together… the little ones still require out attention most of the time, but it was nice to exchange a few words with the other mum, I like her. And we did get to have a cake at the end, while the children decorated the table, the floor and the chairs of the café with bright yellow crayons.


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