A world of adventures

Last weekend my parents were with us and we decided to spend a couple of days away from home. Our flat is too small for five people, so it was a way to stay together without fighting…

Our choice was Chessington World of Adventures, only half an hour from our place. It’s a zoo and theme park and even if it’s very close to us, we’d never been there before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew there would be giraffes and lions and zebras and Pallino had never seen these animals apart from in books and youtube videos…

We got there just before lunch on Saturday and left around lunch time on Sunday, staying in the hotel inside the park on Saturday night.



It was a great experience! Pallino was fascinated by the little yellow monkeys, climbed on the forest trail with his dad to slide down a large tube about a hundred times, loved the tribal music playing everywhere (he actually danced his way through the whole park), ate his pizza with pleasure and… slept in a big bed for the first time in his life!

The hotel was amazing, I loved the safary-themed decorations, the rooms were huge, with a double bed and a bunk wooden bed decorated with the animals in a forest: Pallino slept there – at home he’s still in a cot bed with bars, so I was a little worried and put cushions on the floor, but it went well. He woke up at some point crying and I went to sleep with him, though. The restaurant was also very good.

We saw gorillas, zebras, lions, tigers, monkeys, sea lions, piranhas (in the breakfast room of the hotel!), lots of species of fish (and many more other animals but I don’t remember the names)… there is an area with farm animals as well, but Pallino is not very keen on goats and pigs etc., so we went very briefly and left.


The Wanyama village, and the hotel. Photo taken from http://schooltrips4u.com

Unfortunately we didn’t see the giraffe. There is a safari tour that can be booked to go and see the giraffe at feeding time in the morning, but it was fully booked when we realized.

The other unfortunate event was that I had a migraine the whole time, and it was so cold that I could not take pictures without losing sensitivity in my hands… (maybe I felt this cold because I wasn’t feeling well, the others didn’t complain as much) so I don’t have many pictures.

The theme park includes lots of rides for older children and adults, but this time of the year they were closed. It didn’t make a difference for us, obviously! It’s a place for all ages, really, and worth going back to (possibly when it’s warmer…)

And now my parents have gone home, and we’re back to our routine.


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