Of books and brownies

A new children’s bookshop opened only a few bus stops from our place! Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so I thought it would be nice to visit the place and find some good books! L had to work again, but only in the afternoon, so we went to mass together in the morning, had a lovely branch with some friends, then L went back home while Pallino and I went to the bookshop.

It was a very good afternoon! The place is lovely, made of two rooms full of children and young adults books, which they were still unpacking (the bookshop opened only last well). I took Pallino to the second room, full of picture books, and we started talking with one of the owners, who spend a long time showing me the books, reading pages to me and Pallino to see what we might like… I took home only three books, but I’ll go back soon for sure… I’d never found a dedicated bookshop for children around here, and I loved to see the enthusiasm of these people!  Pallino was attracted to the books for older children, he would take them off the shelves as soon as I turned my head… but didn’t do too much damage fortunately.

There was a bowl with small chocolate brownies at the till, and that’s were I made a big mistake: I gave Pallino a piece… he swallowed it straight away and asked for more, and I gave him another small piece, which he kept in his hand for a while before eating. The trouble came later, because he had the chocolate at around 4 o’clock, and later in the evening he was still hyperactive and could not settle to bed! Also had a slight nappy rush… so I’d say it’s better to avoid chocolate for him!!

In terms of progress this week, he’s started to say “me” and “my” when he refers to his food or his toys… and his speaking has also improved, he can say many more words now, and can repeat new words more easily.

Today a box arrived from his grandparents, full of cheese and biscuits and a children’s magazine… I can’t wait to see his face when he comes back home tonight! 🙂


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