Three degrees outside, but a wonderful blue sky. Pallino woke up before 5am, we waited to see if he would go back to sleep but he didn’t, then L got up and went to his room, while I stayed in bed until 6.30, not sleeping anymore though… Trouble is that I’m feeling confused all day when this happens. I had a double booking at work yesterday, I had arranged a meeting in central London and a teleconference at the same time.. luckily my attendance at the teleconference was not really necessary and I was able to cancel without too many problems, but it’s obvious that even a few nights of broken sleep affect everything I do!

And tomorrow I’m going to a conference in Bristol and I have to take the train at 6.30am, it’ll be another long day…

On the plus side, next week it’s Easter and we’re going to visit some friends, so hopefully we’ll have a break – from the responsibilities at work, at least.


2 thoughts on “‘morning…

  1. I always feel terrible if I don’t get enough sleep. Fortunately I don’t work at those moments. Good luck!

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