A new bed and a conundrum

Some big changes are happening here… the little one doesn’t want to go to bed early anymore, climbs on his highchair before I remove the table for him (scary), removes the stickers from the walls on his room to put them somewhere else… and lots more.

So we decided to remove the bars from his cot. Will he sleep better in a normal bed? We found out that his cot is not made to have the bars removed. Ah, that’s why it was on sale when we bought it! Going to buy a proper bed today. Well, not really a proper bed, it wouldn’t fit into the room… a toddler bed will do for a while. Well, the little one is not very little… how long will it last? A standard single bed would fit in his room if we removed one of the wardrobes – which contains L’s books… but where should we put the books? And there’s barely any space for Pallino’s toys and books already.

Was he older, I would consider a bunk bed with the bed upstairs and free space underneath to play. Or some drawers and some free space. Or a whole fitted wardrobe on top of the bed throughout the room.

Lots of ideas, and a bit conundrum: are we going to stay in this house a lot longer? In our area there are very good schools, but (partly for the same reason) we cannot afford a bigger place here. If it’s only the three of us, we could make it work without moving home. Pallino would have his fitted bedroom and go to a nice school. If we are so lucky to have another child we will have to move pretty quickly. So it all comes down to that. And a phone call I should make.

Ah and by the way, Pallino slept without bars for two days. The first one he woke up in the middle of the night, got off the bed and towards my room and fell on some books on the floor. He showed me exactly what happened the following day (hilarious). The second day he fell off the bed, and then came to my room without incidents. Net results: two bumps and no sleep in his room. But I haven’t had to get up to pick him up 😉


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