Almost two years

I’m so sorry I haven’t been able to write anything on this blog for such a long time. I haven’t slept through the night for months now and, while I managed to write a bit in Italian, writing in English still requires me that little more concentration that I just don’t have.

Also things have been quite slow at work, with entire days when I didn’t have anything to do, and whenever this happens, I feel less motivated in general… I work a lot better when I’m busy! Hopefully it’s getting better now, I need to be patient and proactive.

In about a week Pallino will be two. It’s hard to believe, and indeed everyone tells me “really? two already?”, so I’m not the only one that feel time has flown… but what counts most is that we have a great time together, he’s fun, sweet and I never tired to tell him how much I love him.

We’ve organised a little party for his birthday, and my parents are going to visit us next week… I’m trying to think of things, food and people that he likes to make his birthday special: for example, rather than go for one of those incredibly expensive cakes that are so fashionable now and who knows whether they are good or they just look good, I’ve decided to bake a simple carrot and raisin cake that he loves and it’s also dairy-free so all the children will be able to eat. I don’t usually like cooking, but on this occasion we’re renting the place for the party, so the only thing I can do myself for Pallino is the cake, and I feel like doing something for him with my hands. I’ll put a picture of the cake here after the party!


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