I promised a picture of the birthday cake and here it is…

Carrot and raisin cake

Carrot and raisin cake

Cheesecakes and chocolate brownies

Cheesecakes and chocolate brownies

I made the dairy-free carrot cake and two pumpkin cheesecakes, and, although they didn’t look that great, they were really good!!! A friend also made some chocolate brownies so we had plenty of cakes…
The party in general went well, children and parents seemed to be happy 🙂
It was stressful for L and me, though, because L tends to be overly conservative to avoid problems (let’s have more food for the adults just in case), while I tend to go for simpler solutions (let’s not offer food to the adults, only tea and coffee), so we had a few arguments and ended up going to buy the last things at 10pm the day before. Often in this situations L doesn’t listen to me and goes for the most expensive options, and everything goes well. I felt a bit frustrated but I guess it was for the better…

Birthday cards!!

Birthday cards!!


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