Different speeds

Sunny days and miserable windy and wet days alternate in London, while the month of May has come and gone. I feel time flying most days, all around Pallino and his discoveries and moods… he’s well in his terrible twos and determined to test the boundaries all the time. Not in a bad way, certainly: he wants to learn how to use the potty, but gets frustrated at times and doesn’t want to get up even after sitting for half an hour, he likes making jigsaw puzzles but calls me when a piece does fit (“mamma do it!”), he doesn’t want to go to bed and every night now come to our bed around 11pm. He’s growing and needs to feel secure. I spend all the time with him when I’m home, early mornings and after 6pm when we come back from the nursery. We enjoy reading together. He loves watching TV as well, although we almost never switch it on… he has seen Peppa Pig and loves it, but I don’t like to keep him in from of the TV, so we watch one episode on demand from time to time and that’s it. I got him a mini scooter a few days ago; he cannot ride it yet, but I’m sure he’ll learn very quickly, and I want to get one for myself too, so I’m looking forward to it!

I had a few days for myself at the end of May. I spent a weekend in Athens with two dear friends and it was lovely to see them and talk and sleep without interruptions and see a new place and a new Country… it feels like a long time ago already!

Unfortunately at work I’m not having much to do. And I don’t deal well with being bored, I quickly lose motivation…

When I was at uni, I got a contract in the front office of my faculty. It was the place where new or prospective students were supposed to come for advice and information. I worked there for 200 hours in a year, and doing that I earned enough to cover my fees. However the managers were not prepared to have students working there, they didn’t know what to ask me, and they weren’t working much themselves in my opinion. I ended up photocopying timetables in the best of cases, reading for my own exams the rest of the time. And I promised myself I would never accept to be bored again at work. ¬†Sometimes it’s inevitable, though.

I’m sure it won’t last, I’m waiting for a new project to start and in the meantime I’m asking my colleagues to delegate anything they can to me. In other circumstances, I would possibly look for a new job. But I cannot do it now. I like the work environment, and I need the flexibility. So I try to be patient and proactive. Maybe I could do some shopping online while I wait.


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