A balancing act

I happened to have the same conversation with different people,  in the last few months. It was about how Facebook and other sites show an artificially perfect life,  which ends up making normal human beings feel bad about themselves. I usually reply that I used to agree with that,  but then I also joined a couple of very nice groups on Facebook and came in contact with lovely people,  and that changed my opinion. 
Having a blog,  though, I often find myself thinking about what I should or shouldn’t write,  and what other people write. I have always considered my blogs (and my diaries in the past) as some sort of message  in a bottle, where I could write anything I thought, hoping to find other people who would think alike. But most of all, writing makes things real, and helps sorting them and giving them the right importance. 
Now that I have a family, however, I am more aware of the need of respecting their privacy. I have decided to share my thoughts, but obviously I can’t share anyone else’s.  And inevitably this restricts the topics I can write about.
Life is not all things to do and past times and travel, nor is book reviews or recipes,  but all these are “safe” topics and this is what most people share about their life. 
I don’t want to tell people “how to” do things,  first because I don’t have a great dexterity, I’m not arty, I can’t even cook well and I don’t have much money to travel a lot.  But mostly, what inspires me, what I remember when I read a book or visit a place, is the emotions. I can write about how I felt when I visited a certain place, I’m not interested in giving practical information about how to get there. I guess this makes my blog not very popular, but, like so many things in life, it’s a balancing act.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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