Where are we going? by Edward Monkton

Where are we going? by Edward Monkton

I’ve spent my whole life getting lost. I walk on a road on the left side, enter a shop and then leave the shop going right, back where I came from, without realising it. If there is a 50% chance of taking the right direction, I always choose the wrong one.

In fact when L and I started going out together, one of his favourite past times was to walk with me and let me guide to a destination. This way he was sure to get to some new and unexpected place, and then he’d take us back home. At that time I was trying to go around with a map and a compass, with great amusement of tourists and londoners as well…

I read the book Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman, where each character has a “power” that, in hindsight, ruins his life. And one of them has the power of never getting lost. If you never get lost, you may end up taking unecessary risks and not thinking about the consequences of your acts, because you know you’ll be home at the end. That got me thinking. I certainly need to be very careful to where I’m going!

PS. My lack of sense of direction is also where my nickname, Disorientata, comes from…


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