Time to move?

I haven’t got much work to do lately, so I decided I might well buy a house in my free time… Seriously, we’ve been squeezing ourselves and our thousands books in a tiny flat for enough time and would like to “decompress” a little. So I have used my time to go around viewing houses. It’s mind blowing. Endless possibilities, and pretty much all of them too expensive. And if the house itself it’s in our budget, it needs works that we cannot possibly afford for the next ten years. Or it’s far from our area, or our comfort zone anyway.

On this note, I’ve remembered something that happened years ago, during our marriage preparation course. One of the other girls said she was stressed out because she was going to live, after the wedding, in a nearby town, about 5 Km from her home town. L and I looked at each other and smiled. At that time, he lived in London, I lived near Milan and we were arranging our wedding in the South of Italy. We felt 5 Km this way or that way could not be that stressful.

Fast forward to today, the prospect of moving 5 Km away is indeed stressful. It means different means of transport and likely having to drive a lot more in our particular case, it means a different local administration to deal with, and even having new neighbours, when finally we have some good friends where we are. Not too bad if you’re in love with the new place, but having to work on tight budget, our new place will have potential, but will not be our dream home at the start. And as you know, someone here doesn’t like change.


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