Lesson learned

I’ve spent this morning with a group of children and their families, reading books. We’ve rented a room in our library and spent two hours reading, eating cake and chatting. The perfect end of the year, and a lovely group of people. And it made me think of the many lessons I’m learning from Pallino. I’d like to share one with you, as  a wish for the New Year.

Some time ago I read The Enormous Crocodile, by Roal Dahl, to my son. The book is a bit long and I wasn’t sure he’d keep quiet to the end, but we managed. It’s the story of this enormous and really bad crocodile, who goes to the village, through the jungle, to eat as many children as possible. On his way, he meets various animals, who try to stop him, and he behaves badly to all of them. Bites the bird’s colorful feathers, the elephant’s legs, the tree on which the monkey is sitting. All the animals dislike him and try to dissuade him.

However, he’s got plans and makes it to the village. There, he carries out his plans, but one by one the animals he met earlier arrive and stop him, saving the children. At last, the elephant gets there, holds him by his tail, makes him turn round and round and launches him to the sky, when he crushes onto the sun and… gets fried like a sausage.

At the end of the story, I was thinking “Wow, that was extreme, but the crocodile deserved it”. Pallino said “Poor crocodile!!”. He was sad for him and angry with the elephant.

And it made me imagine how nice it would be if violence was always regarded as a bad think, if no-one ever “deserved” to be treated badly or to be hurt. Wouldn’t that be a better world?

Let this be my wish for the New Year, may we all realise that violence is always bad and it does not help solve our problems.





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