New beginnings

The last months have been quite stressful, so much that I felt somehow empty, I didn’t have anything I wanted to write about. We moved home, and we’re still unpacking. L is changing job, and we haven’t adjusted to the new routine yet. Pallino changed nursery, and today is his first full day at the new one. The place seems ok, they have a big garden full of toys, there’s a wooden pirate ship, bikes etc. Inside they have a reading corner, a wooden kitchen, blocks, dressing up clothes etc. The carers seem OK, but I feel defensive, we knew the carers in the other nursery well and we trusted them, now we have to start all over again and it’s hard. This morning I dropped Pallino off and an older kid hit him after no more than two minutes, because they wanted to play with the same toy. The carers put the other child on time out and distracted Pallino offering him breakfast. I was still there, so he got some cuddles from me. Admittedly I was talking with the carer, so it was my fault that she wasn’t with him right then, so I just hope they don’t encourage any form of violence. I do feel defensive, and vulnerable.




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