Night time

I can’t sleep. Every night I wake up around 4am and can’t sleep again until 6. Then the alarm comes off. It’s the discomfort, a constantly blocked nose, possibly too much happening. I end up reading posts online, looking for things to buy (which end up in my wish list, I make a point of not buying anything in that condition), just getting bored and more tired. I’ve got in my wish list a single bed for Pallino with bedsheets, a mattress topper because our sofa bed has a bad mattress, a few items of makeup and who knows what else. 

Today I was so tired when I got to the office that I had an espresso (I haven’t had any coffee since I got pregnant, even if I could have some), and now it’s 11pm and I’m still wide awake… 

I had to clear my desk today, as it was my last day before moving office, and that took so much time! It’s incredible how much paper one can build up in three years… I guess it’s useful to have to go through all of it from time to time and throw away anything unnecessary. 

My colleagues keep saying that I’m lucky to be moving. L keeps asking me if he can leave me alone with Pallino while he works until late that day or another, and I’m exhausted. We always have to live around his work commitments, but that’s why we’re moving, after all. Sometimes I get upset about it. All the pregnancy symptoms seem to start earlier this time, included the dreaded pelvic pain (it’s only discomfort at this stage, but it’s there). Will I be able to walk towards the end? Last time I could, although going up and down the stairs, or even a slope would leave me in pain. Sitting was uncomfortable. And the night time  was the worst. But last time the pain started after the 25th week.  So my being happy is mixed with anxiousness, worry and tiredness.


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