Night reflections on colours

Awake in bed at 3.30am, I remembered the first (and only) new car I bought. It was 2009, I was well paid and decided to invest in a brand new Ford Fiesta. I carefully chose the exterior (burgundy) and interior (grey) colour, I waited to have it delivered to my specification and I loved it. Two months after, I had an accident and almost destroyed the car. I got a decent second hand car after that, grey. 

More recently we spent a long time discussing the wall colours in our bedrooms. We went for the colour of the sun at dawn, a light orange/yellow, the colour of the sky, a light blue, and a beautiful parrot green which just happens to keep away monsters and bad creatures, and comes very handy if you have a 3 year old. Less than six months later, we’re moving out. 

It’s like colouring something makes it yours, like giving a name.

First world problems, I’m aware of it, just let me be sad for a while. I’m pregnant and hormonal, after all. 


One thought on “Night reflections on colours

  1. The instinct to make a home and then stay in it is very strong. When you have little ones (or are pregnant) it can become overwhelming.

    Your experience raises a question: is home the base from which one goes to work? Or is the reason one goes to work the chance to build a home? Perhaps the answer isn’t clear.

    In any case, I wish you bright autumnal colours heralding a spring green and daffodil yellow that will make you smile.


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