17 weeks

Six years ago I wrote a post on Facebook about new beginnings… I had changed job and country, and I was about to get married. Since then, I lived in four different places and have been happy as well as stressed out pretty much all the time. 

We moved house two weeks ago, then we left for our smart-irrational holiday (who would go on holiday the day after moving house?!) and now we’re back. The boxes don’t seem to be collaborative and unpack themselves, so we’ll have to do it in our own time (I can imagine a number of them staying where they are until the next house move). 

Outside of the house, we had a few glorious days when I really appreciated working by the sea… Today is raining, but I know this town has potential 😉 

I’m now 17 weeks pregnant, and starting to get impatient to hear that fast heart bit again, but I won’t have a chance until October I think… I don’t sleep well, I wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours (last night I found a bunk bed for the kids and nice rug with the solar system for Pallino’s room… All in my wishlist as usual), then I’m knackered during the day. I can walk, but it’s a bit painful when I go up hill and when I sit for many hours (which unfortunately happens every day when I sit at work and then walk back home from the bus stop); it’s still acceptable though.

I can add to the “things you should never tell a pregnant woman”. I had a few people commenting on my pelvic pain “if it started earlier this time, maybe it will pass earlier as well” and I felt like killing them there and then… Why do people comment on things of which they have no idea?? It will pass after giving birth, hopefully, in the meantime it can only get worse, and I’ve got to live with it. 


4 thoughts on “17 weeks

  1. Your comments bring tears to my eyes. Please remember you have friends everywhere. Thinking of you. And your family. But you especially.

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