19 weeks

A few more sleepless nights, coupled with another day (today) of not much to do at work… Deadly combination, I hate being bored and I can’t deal with it. 

This week started well on another front, though: yesterday I had lunch with a colleague of mine and today with a friend who lives in a nearby town and works close to my office. It’s so nice to have people to talk to. I’ve been anxious about that, everyone says that this is a good place to live for a family, but how am I going to make friends, to build that vital support network, if I work during the day and I’m knackered in the evenings, and anyway we’ve got only one car so going places is complicated? I don’t even know who can take care of Pallino when I have to go to the hospital to give birth… My mum will come around the due date, but who knows when it will happen. 
So, this week I’m anxious and feel a bit lonely. Pallino insists on sleeping with me and I don’t sleep. Not his fault, really, I don’t sleep anyway. 

Lately I spent my time at night reading about something interesting and totally unrelated to anything: personal colour analysis. It’s a theory based on the idea that our hair, skin and eyes are naturally in harmony and their colour matches a certain palette, in terms of temperature, intensity, saturation etc. If you wear the right colour (either in clothes or make-up), your skin will glow with little effort, if you wear non-harmonic colours, you’ll look greyish or ill, no matter how much effort you put in your looks. It’s about knowing yourself and what is good for you, which I find very refreshing right now. I’d still like a good night sleep, but at least hopefully I look a bit healthier during the day. 


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