Half way 

Week 20 is coming to its end and I had my anomaly scan yesterday. This is the last scan with the NHS normally and it’s when the baby is checked to see if everything is OK. It’s interesting that in Italian this is called “morphological” scan, which is a more positive title, but also a bit more technical. That tells something about the different approach to patients in the UK and in Italy. 

Anyway, the baby is well. And it’s a boy! 

It was so emotional to see him moving his tiny legs and arms, sucking his tumb… At this stage he’s about the size of a banana all together. And it’s a sight I never thought I would see. For the second time. Sometimes I think of all the couples we will meet who are having trouble having children, and they will never even imagine we did, they will not want talk about it with us. It’s weird. 

To celebrate, in the evening we went to the cinema. We called one of the nursery carers to babysit. Pallino was happy to see her and show her his new room and bed… And he went to sleep at 8pm and slept through the night. What’s the trick? He never does, with us. So we all had a nice evening yesterday and a good night sleep. Awesome 🙂 


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