The other side of the story

While the baby seems to be doing well, I oscillate between feeling happy and discouraged. Every day I get to a point when I’m tired and in discomfort, the pelvic pain gets slightly worse and my nose is always blocked. I’m also having migraines, mostly at night, and I don’t rest properly. 

I had a hospital appointment and talked with a doctor. He said that, in this hospital, IVF pregnancies are induced on the due date, because there is a slightly higher chance of complications. Also, because of what happened when I gave birth the first time, he planned some other medications, to avoid an emhorrage. So now my birth plan is a heavily medicated delivery, lying on the bed with an IV drip from the start. Rationally it makes sense, but when I think about it, I just feel like crying.

For the pregnancy discomfort, his advice was basically to drink a lot and hold on. I’ll be referred to a physiotherapist for the pelvic pain (the midwife has done it already I think, but I haven’t being contacted by anyone yet), and they will give me an elastic belt and tell me to hold on. Some good news came when we talked about the pelvic floor, because apparently here they have a specialised support service of some sort, rather than a sheet of exercises and a pat on my shoulder, which is pretty much what I had last time. 

Pallino is difficult to manage, we end up arguing all the time, to change his clothes, to get in the bath, to get out of the bath, to wash his hands, to stop playing with water… I guess he needs to attract my attention, but I just can’t cope with in the morning after not sleeping and in the evening when I need to rest. L is helping a lot, but it’s hard. 


One thought on “The other side of the story

  1. I am trying to find some words of empathy that might serve to lift your spirits. But everything feels glib. But I hear you and feel for your…enduring distress. And even though it makes no difference, I send you my best wishes.

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