Week 26

Time is passing slowly. The trees in our garden had beautiful red leaves until a couple of days ago, now they are mostly bare. But this morning it was bright and sunny (and freezing cold) – unfortunately by the time I managed to convince Pallino to change, he was ready for a nap, and it became cloudy. He’s still sleeping, so… here I am.

In the last few weeks I felt I had to travel a bit until I can, so I spent a weekend in Lisbon with my friend S., and I accepted to go to a meeting in Birmingham. Both went well, it took me another day to recover after coming back, but I’m happy I was able to do it. Lisbon is amazing, I always have that feeling of being at home, and it was great to be relaxed for a couple of days, not having to deal with tantrums or the stress of everyday life, or the cold (it was about 15 degrees warmer). The day after I came back was difficult, because all the things-to-do were still there and I was tired and L and Pallino had a good time but didn’t clean or tidy up anything (and they had a cold). I felt overwhelmed again, but it passed.

The journey to Birmingham was also OK. I had to go the day before, as it takes about 4 hours by train, so I slept in a hotel. Or I should say I didn’t quite sleep, because it was too hot, the pillow was too soft etc. Luckily the meeting didn’t start until 10 o’clock the day after, so I had time for a good breakfast (which compensated the sandwich lunch), and finished at 3pm. I was home at around 8.30pm, tired but not in pain, which means that maybe walking actually helps, to some extent.

About this, I went to see a physiotherapist at the hospital. It wasn’t a good experience. She asked me what my symptoms are and then touched my pelvic bones and muscles to see what hurt most. And came out that it’s the muscles in the left hip, so she thinks my pain doesn’t come from the joints but from the muscles. What was really unpleasant is that she pressed that muscle on the hip so hard that I burst in tears… Then she apologised, gave me a glass of water, and registered me for a physio class at the hospital for 4 weeks. But i still have nightmares about that moment and I hate her. The same day I had strained my thumb by mistake, and it was the day I had to leave for Birmingham. Not my best day.

On a positive note, Pallino now sleeps in his bed, which is great. He wakes up at about 7am and comes to me to have some cuddles. And it’s the best time of the day.




2 thoughts on “Week 26

  1. Well done for doing the trips. I have had to travel a lot this year and when I return nothing has changed. All that was undone is still undone.And when I am away, I never sleep well: I am subject to the overwhelming sensation that I am in a box in a stack of boxes hundreds of miles from home..

    Anyway: stay healthy and every best wish.

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