11 days of Christmas

It’s that time of the year again… when on facebook all the mums are baking delicious Christmas treats, preparing their own handmade decorations, opening the fabulous advent calendar they of course made themselves, writing hundreds of cards and sawing the nativity play costumes for their children… I must be living on another planet!

I bought some tinsel, which Pallino used as a lasso. I decorated a small tree, and he doesn’t even look at it (understandably, since he’s been told he cannot destroy  play with it). Today all the parents were invited to do Christmas crafts at the nursery. He ate all the biscuits and mince pies he could get, and then started swinging off a window handle with another boy. Another mum had to help me take him out of the nursery, he was so overexcited he wouldn’t listen to me at all.

So all is well, we’re dreaming of a White Christmas etc. etc.

L is going to be busy working most of the holidays, but my parents will be with us, so I really hope they’ll make me rest a bit. Even if that means leaving Pallino in front of the TV for more than I would normally allow. And hopefully my mum will help us decorate the house, she’s that kind of person… I don’t know how, but my Christmas past left me quite detached, I always have mixed feelings towards this holiday, while she’s all for creating the atmosphere and decorating and having family around. I’d just go out to see the decorations when I feel like, and wait until it’s over.  L would go to Mass and eat as much as possible. I haven’t written a single card (but I have some issues with the sustainability of this tradition, all that paper wasted, and the transport… I’d rather send emails), and I have bought presents only for my nieces. And I bought some sparkly iron-on stars to put on a t-shirt for Pallino’s nativity play (which is in two days and he’s a star).

Oh, and I’m at 29 weeks and 5 days, and apparently the baby is the size of a New England Cotton Tail Rabbit.


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