Up, up, up on a leg

LittleOne made his appearance a week before the due date. He must have heard me when I said I was ready, because he spared me another week of pregnancy and was born very quickly! 

It was a very different experience from the first. I had a sweep at the hospital and the waters broke. The day after I woke up with mild contractions. I had an appointment at lunch time for a check and possibly an induction of labour. The consultant performed another sweep and, less than two hours afterwards, I was in labour spontaneously… No time for pain relief other than gas and air, and the baby was born that afternoon! It was brutal, but at the same time I was aware of everything and somehow more in control. I stayed off the bed as much as possible, and gravity really made a difference – the first time I gave birth, it was after a long initial stage, I got there already exhausted and had an epidural. Things went a lot more slowly and I was in bed the whole time. This time I had asked for an epidural, but when the doctor came in and asked me to sit still for a while, I just couldn’t. And I couldn’t stay on the bed. Suddenly all the things I learned at the nct classes in 2012, about the breathing, and visualisations, and positions during labour, made sense. 

LittleOne was born. I had a heavy haemorrhage at the end, so the last stage was “actively managed”, which means that now yes I had to stay in bed and had an IV drip while the doctors tried to stop the blood, but I also had a little perfect baby in my arms and didn’t care. We stayed at the hospital for a few days, to make sure there wasn’t any infection and we were both well. I recovered quite well without the need for a transfusion, and every day I feel better.

The pelvic pain is gone, so now I can stand on one leg (you don’t know what you have until you lose it, believe me), the stitches are healing well, the baby is well and I’m breastfeeding him. I still have lower back pain and my wrists are sore when I had the IV needle, but I’m still convalescent after all. 

Here is a little baby, and he seems so fragile and defenceless, but at the same time he had the strength to stay alive, to wait in a freezer for four years and to grow and come to this world despite everything. And I’m amazed at what science and medicine had done for us, because people say that women’s bodies are made to give birth, but in my case there would have been a few significant steps when the process would have stopped, or I would have had serious complications or worse…   

The cat in the hat, Dr Seuss. Now I’ve got to juggle family life with two boys 😉


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