Today started nicely, with the sun shining, LittleOne following the EASY schedule spontaneously (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You-time) and me sorting out admin stuff while getting ready to go out. However, just when I was about to leave, it started hailing… so I ended up dressed and with make up on, at home all day. I did sort out quite a few things, like applying for LittleOne’s passport, ordering printing paper, doing my online food shopping etc. 

In the afternoon we had the visit of our priest, to discuss LittleOne’s baptism. He’s a sweet old man, with some sense of humour, I liked listening to him. L has showed off his knowledge of the Saints, readings and what have you, as he always does when he speaks with men of the church. He was very much into the church for a few years in his life, and has a good memory, so can’t help it I suppose. On the contrary, I don’t even remember the basic prayers properly, certainly not in English, and I’ve never been close to the church when I was younger, but I am religious in my own way. I hate showing off though, so I felt quite uncomfortable. I wonder what the priest thought. 

Anyway, we counted how many people will come to the baptism and it’s about 10 adults and 4 children, all Italian. We could also invite the ladies from the nct group and a couple of mums from Pallino’s nursery (one in particular is catholic and we’re getting on quite well, and her son will be in Pallino’s school next year) – this would be 4-6 more people probably. After the ceremony we’ll have a drink in the church hall. 

It will be a busy weekend, with Pallino’s birthday party on Saturday and LittleOne’s baptism on Sunday, and all four the grandparents coming from Italy, as well as a family of friends. Also my oldest sister will come, and another family from London. I’m looking forward to seeing them, actually. 


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