Actually there are pros to this kind of holidays. I’ve been pretty much off grid, which is terrible for us internet-addict, but gives more time to just being… I’ve dreamt of old school mates and wondered what they’re doing, I’ve started thinking about activities I’d like to do when I’m home (but then I won’t have time or energy, it’s only a holiday induced allucination), and best of all I haven’t given much thought about the things-to-do at home. They’re still there, mind you, but I can’t do anything about them, which is quite liberating. 

Tantrums aside, I’ve also spent more time with Pallino, and watched LittleOne grow so much. Pallino and LittleOne together are amazing, they love each other so much that it melts my heart every time. LittleOne smiles every single time he sees Pallino, sometimes laughing out loud if they had been apart for a while… and then I cannot help but smile too! Pallino is also become a bit jealous now. He demands a cuddle right when I need to change a nappy, or I’m feeding LittleOne. I spend most of the time with Pallino, except when I’m doing those activities and, still, he gets upset. It was bound to happen at some point, I imagine. But I started this post thinking about positives, so… Pallino and I started a lovely activity a few days before the holidays and are keeping it up, which is before going to bed we (I) draw on a whiteboard (or a piece of paper) all the good things that happened during the day. It’s only sketches and require a good amount of imagination, given that I’m a very poor artist, but Pallino doesn’t care: if I say that something is, say, the nice dog we saw in the mall, then that muddled drawing there is the nice dog we saw in the mall, no questions asked. This is amazing in itself. Also, filling the paper with good things makes me feel good too, even if the original purpose was to leave him with nice things to think about if he cannot sleep for some reason. And imagine going through the notebook at the end, and remembering all those moments! I love it (And I recommend you to try it, with or without children)


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