About me

I moved to the UK in 2004 to work and study and here I met my husband, also Italian. I’m writing to share my experiences of infertility and IVF and being away from my family, living in London and… trying to make sense of it all, hopefully finding new friends along the way.

So this is us: me, I like travelling, technology, cars, books and walking, not necessarily in this order… L, who loves science, board games, travelling,  acting and cooking. And our gorgeous boy, Pallino, born in May 2013 after an IVF cycle, who got his name from his first picture: a perfect minuscule circle, a “pallino” in Italian 🙂

You can find the story of my IVF cycle–in August 2012–in the posts from here to here. The rest of this blog is about my life and thoughts as a working mum, expat and whatever comes to my mind that day…

Feel free to contact me in private at disorientatablog<at>gmail.com, I’ll be happy to keep in touch!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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