Week 37

This week is going very slowly… I’m spending most of the time at home, sleeping in the morning and reading or watching movies in the afternoon. We had some social events: we invited a few colleagues of L over for tea and cakes (and doghnuts and cookies and more cakes ecc.), and it was nice: the house was full of people, but, being at my place, I could sit down and rest whenever I wanted, and they were all nice people. One got me a set of sleeping remedies (lavender oil, pillow spray and eye mask), which I’m not sure it can be used during pregnancy but I loved the thought!

Another time I met one of the girls from the nct refresher course, we had lunch together and chatted a bit. It’s good to start knowing people here, feels more like home.

There was also a birthday party in a soft play, with children from Pallino’s nursery. I went because I wanted to see the other mums, but it was very hard for me: loud noises, uncomfortable chair, not being able to mingle… L was there too, so he took care of Pallino, but still I was in pain when we got home, I should have stayed in.

And yesterday L worked from home and took me to a lovely pub for lunch… Now that I’m writing all this, it doesn’t seem that I’m spending all the time at home, it’s just that the days at home feel very long and nights are longer still.

It’s all happened in my first pregnancy as well, only we didn’t have to negotiate any hill at the time, so going out for a short walk was easy, and symptoms appeared a bit later first time round – the pelvic pain a lot later, actually, so now I’m more worn out I guess, as well as being four years older.

I’m a bit worried for Pallino. He keeps saying that the other children don’t want to play with him at the nursery. Last night he came to sleep with me and told me that “when the others don’t want you at the table, you have to change table, taking with you your plate, fork and cup”. How many times has this happened to him? When I go to the nursery, he seems ok. When I ask the carers, they always say he had a good day. In the morning, he goes straight in without a fuss. Is he trying to attract my attention because he’s worried about the baby? Is he feeling anxious? Or is he being bullied at the nursery and the carers don’t even realise?


The newsletter of doom

This morning I left the house when it was still dark. It’s unusual to me, as the little sleep I get is mainly in the early morning, so my alarm clock is usually at 7.30 (or whatever time Pallino wakes up). 

It was a bit foggy, there was silence on the road, a nice cool air. I like it. 

I was going to the hospital for a blood test, and I had to fast. I normally avoid any contact with other human beings until I’ve had my cappuccino, so that was hard… Anyway, now I’m waiting for the second part of the glucose test, and I have to wait two more hours before being allowed to eat. 

This is the perfect post to talk about some of the joys of pregnancy…

When I was pregnant the first time, I read many books. This time I’ve only downloaded an app, which sends me daily bits of information via email on the development of the baby and symptoms I could experience each week. 

Let’s focus on the symptoms. I haven’t experienced the most serious ones, but I’ve got a good collection of the others… Here they are, straight from the Newsletter of Doom:

  •  backaches
  • swollen feet
  • visible/varicose veins
  • diarrhea
  • gestational diabetes
  • swelling
  • headaches
  • sleeping difficulty
  • emotional symptoms
  • anemia
  • hot flashes
  • morning sickness
  • constipation
  • preeclampsia
  • leg cramps
  • shortness of breath
  • faintness, dizziness, or lightheadedness 
  • abdominal achiness and pain
  • pelvic pain and discomfort
  • breast tenderness
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • aching joints
  • gas and bloating
  • hemorrhoids
  • fatigue/exhaustion
  • numb/tingling hands
  • vision changes
  • excessive saliva
  • fuzzy feeling/forgetfulness
  • metallic taste
  • Dizziness/low blood pressure
  • Insomnia

…and I still have two month’s worth of emails before delivery! 

Maybe I’m old, maybe running around with a 3.5 year old at the same time makes it all more difficult, but when people tell me “not long to wait now” I think about the Newsletter of Doom and laugh a bit hysterically… So much for “the glow”!
PS When you meet a pregnant woman, on the bus, at the supermarket, at work…just remember she might experience any of those symptoms right then. Be kind. 

11 days of Christmas

It’s that time of the year again… when on facebook all the mums are baking delicious Christmas treats, preparing their own handmade decorations, opening the fabulous advent calendar they of course made themselves, writing hundreds of cards and sawing the nativity play costumes for their children… I must be living on another planet!

I bought some tinsel, which Pallino used as a lasso. I decorated a small tree, and he doesn’t even look at it (understandably, since he’s been told he cannot destroy  play with it). Today all the parents were invited to do Christmas crafts at the nursery. He ate all the biscuits and mince pies he could get, and then started swinging off a window handle with another boy. Another mum had to help me take him out of the nursery, he was so overexcited he wouldn’t listen to me at all.

So all is well, we’re dreaming of a White Christmas etc. etc.

L is going to be busy working most of the holidays, but my parents will be with us, so I really hope they’ll make me rest a bit. Even if that means leaving Pallino in front of the TV for more than I would normally allow. And hopefully my mum will help us decorate the house, she’s that kind of person… I don’t know how, but my Christmas past left me quite detached, I always have mixed feelings towards this holiday, while she’s all for creating the atmosphere and decorating and having family around. I’d just go out to see the decorations when I feel like, and wait until it’s over.  L would go to Mass and eat as much as possible. I haven’t written a single card (but I have some issues with the sustainability of this tradition, all that paper wasted, and the transport… I’d rather send emails), and I have bought presents only for my nieces. And I bought some sparkly iron-on stars to put on a t-shirt for Pallino’s nativity play (which is in two days and he’s a star).

Oh, and I’m at 29 weeks and 5 days, and apparently the baby is the size of a New England Cotton Tail Rabbit.

Night time

I can’t sleep. Every night I wake up around 4am and can’t sleep again until 6. Then the alarm comes off. It’s the discomfort, a constantly blocked nose, possibly too much happening. I end up reading posts online, looking for things to buy (which end up in my wish list, I make a point of not buying anything in that condition), just getting bored and more tired. I’ve got in my wish list a single bed for Pallino with bedsheets, a mattress topper because our sofa bed has a bad mattress, a few items of makeup and who knows what else. 

Today I was so tired when I got to the office that I had an espresso (I haven’t had any coffee since I got pregnant, even if I could have some), and now it’s 11pm and I’m still wide awake… 

I had to clear my desk today, as it was my last day before moving office, and that took so much time! It’s incredible how much paper one can build up in three years… I guess it’s useful to have to go through all of it from time to time and throw away anything unnecessary. 

My colleagues keep saying that I’m lucky to be moving. L keeps asking me if he can leave me alone with Pallino while he works until late that day or another, and I’m exhausted. We always have to live around his work commitments, but that’s why we’re moving, after all. Sometimes I get upset about it. All the pregnancy symptoms seem to start earlier this time, included the dreaded pelvic pain (it’s only discomfort at this stage, but it’s there). Will I be able to walk towards the end? Last time I could, although going up and down the stairs, or even a slope would leave me in pain. Sitting was uncomfortable. And the night time  was the worst. But last time the pain started after the 25th week.  So my being happy is mixed with anxiousness, worry and tiredness.

Early signs

Last night I woke up at 3am to go to the toilet and found a pink discharge… No mucus, no bright red. I wasn’t sure if that was a “show”, so I waited about an hour (during which L read a fairy tale for me 🙂 ), but nothing had changed and I called the hospital. They said it was ok, to call back if the waters broke and in the meantime go back to sleep. So that’ s what I did, for a couple of hours at least. In the morning I had some mucus, so it’s definitely a “show”. And since 7am I have period-like pain, more or less every 10 to 20 minutes, lasting about 20 seconds… Not strong and not very regular, so I’m pretty sure there’s a long way to go, but maybe the time is coming soon to meet Pallino…! Keep calm and carry on…